About Camille

Queering psychology from Pittsburgh, PA.

I hope that you’ve been able to learn about my ethos and character by reading about my therapeutic style and my commitments as a psychologist.

But, over the years, I’ve learned that some people need to know a bit more about me before they can decide whether they’d like to work with together, feel safe, and be vulnerable in our relationship.

If that’s something you need, know that I’m open to answering whatever questions you have.

Here are some basics I’m happy to share:

I grew up on Long Island, NY in an intergenerational home with immigrant roots and values. My family heritage is Italian, Russian, Polish, and Jewish. I moved to the Greater Pittsburgh area in 2012 for graduate school and have been calling the Steel City home ever since.

I hold a lot of privilege as a White, able-bodied, queer, agender agender (often cis-passing) person moving through the world. I work hard to be mindful of the ways my identities impact my work, use my privilege for the pursuit of equity and justice, and work with other people holding privilege around dismantling internalized supremacy.

I’m a lover of sewing, reading, dancing, fashion, music, and design. I’m currently writing a book about the intersections of tarot and psychotherapy.