Logistics + Payment

Out of care for public health and safety, I will be providing services via secure videoconference or telephone for the foreseeable future. If you do not have a personal computer, phone, or the internet, please visit the Resources page for assistance with access.

Therapy Services

The fees listed represent my standard rates for services. However, I implement a sliding scale as an anti-capitalist tool for building economic justice. When implemented effectively, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income for the same services.

For individual therapy, my typical sliding scale range is $125 – $200 for the intake, and $120-$180 per ongoing session. I reserve 25% of my caseload for clients with historically marginalized identities who cannot meet the low end of my standard sliding scale range, with ongoing individual therapy appointments costing as little as $40. Sliding scale slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once slots at each price range are filled, I am only able to accept clients who are able to pay within my standard sliding scale range.

I trust that my clients honor their own needs, while respecting the value of my services. I trust that clients are honest with themselves and with me about what they can afford. Need help determining what you can pay? Visit my FAQ page for a useful self-assessment.

Using your insurance

I do not accept payment through insurance at this time. Often, my clients seek reimbursement from their insurance provider, who consider me an “out-of-network” provider. These clients pay the full fee for each session upfront, and I provide a Superbill for them to submit to their insurance company for out-of-network coverage.

Insurance plans with out-of-network coverage typically reimburse 50% – 90% of session costs. Should you wish to pay for therapy using insurance, you will likely end up paying $10 – $80 per session out of pocket, which is the cost of a co-payment through insurance for most people.

Please check with your insurance to plan to see that they offer out-of-network coverage, and reimburse for the following appointment types:

  • 90791 (intake/initial session; 60 minutes)
  • 90837 (individual therapy sessions; 60 minutes)
  • 90847 (relationship therapy sessions; 60 minutes)
  • 99354 (relationship therapy sessions; additional 30 minutes)
  • 90853 (group therapy sessions)
Individual Therapy $200 / intake
$180 / 55 minutes
Relationship Therapy
(for 2+ individuals)
$270 intake
$220 / 55 minutes
$270 / 90 minutes
Group Therapy$100/ intake
$40 / session
NOTE: All slots for sliding scale under $140 are currently full.

Cost of service should never be a barrier to accessing quality mental health care. If you would like to work with me but my rates feel prohibitive, please don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss sliding scale fee options, payment plans, bartering agreements, and/or mental health treatment funding opportunities.

Supervision, Consultation, & Education Services

Building on your strengths and resources with solutions rooted in social justice, connection, & community.

Supervision$180 / 60 minutes
Consultation$180 / 60 minutes
Training, Workshops,
& Outreach
Based on request
& Public Speaking
Based on request