Therapy Services

Depth-oriented therapy focused on healing, empowerment, and liberation.

Individual Therapy

One-on-one teletherapy sessions lasting approximately 55 minutes. Scheduled as frequently or infrequently as needed.

Relationship Therapy

Teletherapy sessions for two or more people in relationship: romantic, sexual, platonic, business, familial, or otherwise. LGBTQIA2S+- and poly-affirming. Offering 55- and 90-minute sessions.

Sex Therapy

Sex-positive, LGBTQIA2S+-affirming, polyam- and kink-aware teletherapy for people exploring issues related to sexual health, pleasure, or performance. Offering 55-minute sessions for individuals and 55- or 90-minute sessions for partners.

Gender-Affirmative Care

Supportive and affirming teletherapy for individuals exploring their gender identity and/or seeking letters of support for transition-related procedures. Advocacy-focused teletherapy and psychoeducation for family members or partners supporting those who are transitioning. Adheres to the WPATH Standards of Care.

Group Therapy

Healing in community with a teletherapy group of 4-8 members. Sessions last approximately 60 minutes, and are held subject to sufficient membership. Camille is recruiting members for the following groups:

  • Activist Support
  • Healing Sexual Shame
  • Dismantling Internalized White Supremacy
  • Women Who Run With the Wolves Study & Healing Group